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Michigan Rep. Cynthia Johnson

December 10,2020 | Posted By Jeff and Cheryl Fox in Real Estate
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I am a realtor and an independent voter. But let's forget about politics. It's time we heal this country and believe in United We Stand, Divided We Fall. Is Representative Johnson calling for a race war? I'm a product of the '60's counter-culture embracing everyone. I am a Vietnam combat veteran, and her comments scare me more than my service to this country.  I believe in and support cultural diversity. I raised my kids to respect ALL people and celebrate cultures different than their own. I disagree with BLM painting a picture of black Americans being impotent. Blacks make up 15% of our population. Unfortunately, the social disparity will suffer due to demographics alone.
I understand Rep. Johnson received many unconscionable and threatening voicemails, and I am uncertain whether they came before or after her Facebook posting.  But, either way, it is no excuse for this kind of behavior. Racism comes in all colors.
Still, this doesn't excuse systemic racism in America, and something needs to be done. While I am white, and therefore cannot walk in a black man's shoes, I understand social injustice. I have a mental and neurological condition called Bipolar Disorder. Without regard to being highly functional and intelligent, I am still subject to the stigma associated with mental illness. This includes discrimination, prejudice, bias, and a complete misunderstanding of mental illness in general. You cannot walk in my shoes unless you have experience living with Bipolar.
I am proud to support and believe in the police and abhor renegade racist cops. But judging a few bad apples is like judging all blacks by black crime. Or judging all whites by white crime.  There is a black and white underclass consisting of the poor and unemployed.
Rep. Johnson, by her remarks, does not share this sentiment. Instead, she flames the divisiveness and hatred which has taken our country hostage. Because she is a Democrat, some might say that this all started with Trump. About 150 years ago, blue states, particularly in the South, used poll taxes, literacy tests, and other means to keep African Americans disenfranchised. Some of these remain today.
I believe and call for Michigan state Representative Cynthia Johnson to be impeached and removed from public office.



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